Danguli/ Tip cat

Danguli/ Tip-cat (also called cat, cat and dog, one-a-cat or piggy)

Danguli (tipcat)  a favourite boys’ game played by two teams of five to six players. A two-foot long stick, known as danda, and a five- to six- inch stick, known as guli or phutti, are used to play the game. There is a similar game in Europe called tipcat, where the longer stick is used to tip the ‘cat’, the smaller one.

The object of the game is for one side to strike the guli with the danda.The other side has to catch the guli before it falls. If the guli is caught, the player who has struck it is out. If the guli isn’t caught, he continues till he is out. If he is out, the next player in the team comes in. One team plays after the other. The game is also known as dangbadi, gutbadi,tyamdang, bhyatadanda etc.


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