Ghuri/ Flying kites


Bangladesh, a land of cultural festivals, always celebrates each and every colorful distinctiveness of the nature. Each of the seasons has its own way of representing the nature here in Bangladesh. The spring (Bashanta) is celebrated in colorful programs all over the country. One such festival is the Kite Flying festival, which is a common phenomenon all over the world, celebrated in different names. Kite flying festival in Asia has the oldest history which gathers people from different religions and classes to celebrate nature’s liveliness after the harshness of winter. In spring, the sky remains clear and also the gentle bridge helps to fly the kite quite nicely than any other time of the year.

Kite flying, an oldest traditional festivities dating back to Mughal Era, gathers a huge crowd at different places of the country. The most colorful and enthusiastic festival is held at Old Dhaka. People of Shakharipatti, Tatibazar, Lokkhibazar of the city celebrates the day with lots of courage and enthusiasm. Thousands of kites cover the sky of the city with colorful drapes. People of the mentioned places prepare delicious foods to entertain the guests. People of all ages go to the roof of their residential place to fly kites starting from the midday. Thousands of people including young ladies can be seen on the roofs depicting a fine composition of the festival. Some people also arrange musical system on the roof, which plays popular tracks loudly giving the festival a rhythmic backbone.

Most attractive part of the festival takes place when the sun set begins. Some people put characin into their mouth and blows fire with that liquid. Though the task is quite dangerous, it brings an illuminating effect all around the place.

The kite flying festival is usually held from January to February. It really welcomes the spring in a vivacious way.

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