Kana machhi/ Blind man’s bluff


Kanamachhi (literally, blind bee; blind man’s buff)  is played by both boys and girls. One player has a scarf tied round his or her eyes. The others move like ‘bees’ around the ‘blind’ player. The bees lightly strike the blind player, reciting the rhyme: kanamachhi bhon bhon, yake pabi take chon (Oh buzzing blind bee! Touch us if you can!). The blind player tries to catch or tag one of the bees, responding with the verse: Andha gondha bhai, amar dos nai (I’m blind, don’t blame me if I bump against you). The player tagged by the ‘blind’ player plays the blind bee in the next round.

This game is also popular in Europe as ‘blind-man’s bluff’. In another variant of the game, known as lyangcha (the lame man), one player acts the ‘lame man’ and hops on one leg to catch others.

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