Nouka Baich/ Boat-Race

Legacy of Bangladeshi rural culture
Rivers have covered Bangladesh like spider webs which are why Bangladesh is often known as the land of rivers. Also most of the areas of Bangladesh are rural areas. As rivers or some channels of rivers can be found in every rural area, the most important and traditional source of entertainment is boat race or locally known as Nouka Baich. There isn’t any restriction about what type of boat can participate in this kind of race except that boats with engine aren’t allowed.

The history of Nouka Baich is very rich and very unique in nature comparing with the other form of boat race anywhere in the world. There isn’t any rules about how long the boat can be or how many people will it carry. But the most unique feature about Nouka Baich is in every boat there is a leader who doesn’t row but he acts as an energizer for the whole team by singing songs and rhymes. Normally this race is held in big river channels and neighboring villages participate for the pride of their villages.


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