Beripat Beregong

Beripat Beregong is one of interesting Indonesian traditional game for several reasons. It is  because of the history of the game and method for playing it. Once upon a time in a village that called “ Kelekak Gelanggang ” in Belitung Island, there is a beautiful girl. Many people are interested in her, especially  young men around Belitung Island. Many of them proposed for the girl, the parents of the girl were confused to choose one of them, because many of them were supernatural men. On that account, the parents of the girl made a decision, the rightful to married with his daughter is one of young men that win a competition .The competition is made by all of young men that want to marry with his daughter.   Since then “Beripat Beregong” become a traditional games for knights in Belitung. However now it is not only for knight again, but it is for any people that want to play the game. This game is played by two men fighting with hitting each other’s back with rotan and illustrated by traditional music instruments such as: gong, tawak, kelinang and serunai. People that fight in this game is different with another fighting games, two men that fighting in this game fight at the same time they are “ngigal”, in the every movement of the dance have a meaning which different during one movement each other’s. As a sample, if one of men actuated his arm appear before on top while “ngigal”, it means the man already to fight with the other men. This game is unique because of the method and the game is played for general society.

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