Another traditional game from SMK Sultan Ismail, Kelantan, Malaysia. The game known as ‘Ceper’. The game was played in leisure. I played with Ahmad Syazwan after school. The video has taken by madam Nik Airah.How To Play:

1. Played on flat surface.
2. Played by 2 or more players.
3. Point are given based on number of ‘ceper’ they shoot. Maximum point 30. 1 cap bottle = 2 point
4. To determine who will start the game, the players need to bounce the ‘ceper’ and catch it before it touch the ground. The highest point will start the game.
5. After bounce, the player have spin the ‘ceper’ and the other player have to choose one cap bottle, take it out and choose which one have the player to shoot.
6. If the player miss it. The player have to skip the round and give it to the other player.


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