Although congklak is traditional game of Indonesian, but it’s not originally from Indonesian based on these several proves. Since 5,000 to 6,000 BC congklak has played in several Countries of Asia and Africa. In Jordania, an archaeologist found a board game which made of stone and he believed that it’s congklak. National Old Board Geographic also found an Arabic Writing that told about Jordania’s sellers who brought this game to Africa. Congklak has alternative name in Several Africa Countries. In some West Africa Countries this game is called warri or awarri. In Nigeria this game called Adi. So, Congklak has been played in Africa and Asia since 5,000 to 6,000 BC.

The game congklak was the game that was played by two people that usually the woman. The implement that was used was made from wood or plastic have the shape of was similar to the boat in a long manner around 75 cm and wide 15 cm. To his two tips was gotten the hole that was acknowledged as the mother. Delivered by both of them was gotten the hole that was smaller than his mother with diameter approximately 5 cm. Each numbering row 7 holes. To each small hole was filled up with the shellfish or the seeds totaling 7. His playing method of being by taking the available seeds in the hole of our property of the side part afterwords filled up this seeds one by one to the hole that was passed through including the parent hole of our property (the left-hand parent hole) except the parent hole belonging to the opponent, if the last seed fell in the hole that was gotten the other seeds then stone this was taken again to be continued filled up further holes. Like that henceforth until the last seed fell to hole that was empty. If this last seed fell for the empty hole then the turn of the opposing player who carried out the game. This game ended if the seeds that was gotten in the small hole was finished was gathered. His winner was the child who often gathered the seeds to the parent hole of his property. This game was means of arranging the strategy and precision.

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