Fox and chicken


Hi teachers and friends, i am Aqil in PTL team from SMK Sultan Ismail. I’m happy to be in this group. Thank you Mdm Nik Airah and friends for cooperation. Mdm Chau , congratulations for the successful projects.
Here another traditional game played by my friend, FOX AND CHICKEN.


Fox and chicken is easy to learn and fun to play. Fox and chicken sees players fighting for survival, striving for victory of cheering chicken.
One player is chosen for the fox and stands in a den marked off at one end of the playground . The rest are chickens and have a chicken yard at the opposite end of the ground. The chicken advance as near as they dare to the den of the fox and tease him by calling out,’ lame fox lame can’t catch anybody’.The Fox try to catch the chicken.
The chicken last caught wins the game and becomes the first lame fox in the new game.
Come lets play this traditional game . it fun to play. see the video.


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