Sepak Rago

Sepak Rago is a traditional game from West Sumatra. Sepak Rago is like Sepak Takraw but it has two reason to differentiate them. First the structure and base material’s ball and barrier between players are different. Sepak Rago’s ball is like cube which size is 20-30 cm. Sepak Rago’ ball is made from coconute leaves. There is not barries between players. Players only make a big circle and a line of sight, and then kick the ball to your opposite. In the other word, the equipment which is used by Sepak Rago is diffrent with Sepak Takraw. Second, the rule and scorring of Sepak Rago. In Sepak Takraw there are 3 players in a group, while Sepak Rago, there are 3-5 players in a group, and they have same influence in a game. All players must have  good coordination and controlling in their team to produce a maximum score in a mutually agreed time. Scorring in Sepak Rago is done when player can do some Sepak Rago’s techniques and the their opposite can’t restore it. Each technique has its own score.

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