Sondah- Hopscotch

This game has many other names or terms. Some call teklek ciplak gunungdemprak and much more. The terms mentioned are diverse, but the game is still played the same. This game can be found in various regions in Indonesia, Sumatra, Java, Bali, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi with a different name.
How to play is very simple, just jump on one leg on each plots has been described previously in the ground. To be able to play every child should have kereweng or gacuk which is usually broken tiles, ceramic floor or a flat stone. Kreweng / gacuk thrown to one depicted on the land plots, plots that there should not be trampled thegacuk / occupied by each player, so the players have to jump to the next with one foot swath around the plots there. When the cast must not exceed the appropriate boxes if exceeded then disqualified and replaced by the next player Players who completed the first round of gacuk throwing his way back to hopscotch. If it fits in the desired plot the plot would be a “field”, meaning that the players concerned the square can step plot with two legs, while other players can’t step on it during the game plot. Participants who have a “field” at the most is the winner. The sport is very exciting because usually the most common mistakes made is when we throw gacukbut not fitting the box or slip out of place.

Sondah is a very popular traditional game in Indonesia for three reasons. First, from the history of sondah. Originally, sondah is from Rome and it’s game is used for train the tactic’s war. But, they bring this game around the world specially Indonesia. Sondah is a simple game is the next reason why it’s very popular here. You need a track made of chalk or carpets and a stone, don’t forget to ask tour friends to join. After you’re ready with the track you have to throw the stone to the first square in front of you, and start by jumping on the second square and then go back. After that, throw the stone to another square. But don’t forget, if you throw it outside the square you’re disqualified. And beside those reasons above, sondah proudes many advantages. It can make a good conversation between your friends, trains our strength, logic, and makes all of the player happy. Finally we can take the conclusion that sondah can make a stronger friendship. You must try this game with your friends.

By : Varian Vianandha (113110119) IF-35-03

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