Ular Naga (Dragon Snake)


How to play the game fairly easy, two men served as traps children into line like a snake kept in and around the two men singing until all the children out in the ‘feeding’ the trap and choosing between the two traps as a leader. The next trap each leader must keep intact children being eaten by the other

This song is sung by all players, including the “gate”, i.e when the line moving in a circle or a creeper.

 Ular naga panjangnya bukan kepalang

Menjalar jalar selalu kian kemari

Umpan yang besar itulah yang di cari

Ini dia lah yang terbelakang…..

Then, taking a break through the “gate”, a line saying “empty – empty – empty” repeatedly until the whole row over and started singing again and spread on top. Similarly, apply two or three times.

On the last time through the “gate”, a line saying “content – content – the content” several times, until the end of the line and the last child in the aftermath of snakes captured (the “gate” closes and last child circled the hands of those who are still hooked ).

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