CHOPAT or LUDO GRANDFATHERSIt is an easy game to learn but it does require skill to play this game of strategy well. Chopat is claimed to be a variation of the game of dice played in the epic poem Mahabharata between Yudhisthira and Duryodhan. ( Mahabharata is the longest epic of the world.)Its also called The Ludo grandfathers.A chopat ‘board’ is traditionally an embroidered cloth in the shape of a cross. Each arm of the cross is divided into three columns and each column is divided into eight squares.
The “dice” are seven cowry shells.
The “men” or pieces are usually made of wood. Each player has four men.
The first player who brings all four of his men home is the winner.
Play continues for second and third places until one last player has men remaining on the board.


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