Gilli Danda or Lippa

Gilli Danda or Guli Danda is a very popular game among the children of India. It is played all over the country and can be enjoyed for hours together. MostIndian adults would remember having played gilli danda with their friends in the neighbourhood.

To play this game, you need a long stick, and a short stick with tapered ends. The long stick is used to flick the short gilli into the air, and then hit to travel to a maximum distance. The opposing team here has to try and catch the gilli. That gets the hitter out. Also, if the hitter misses the gilli thrice, he loses. The hitter’s score is measured by the distance from the place where he hit the gilli and the place it landed, measured by the danda.

These are some of the games which have been a part of Indian history and culture and still hold much relevance today. Go ahead and give these a try today, you may end up liking them more than your child!

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