RISTANC, hopscotch


RISTANC.Ristanc is a game for two to four people. A chalk and a little stone are everything that your need. There is no leader; all the players have the same roles.

HOW TO PLAY?First we need to draw the “ristanc” – this is the playing field divided into nine smaller fields (8 squares and the final bigger field). In every field we write a number 1-9. Now we can start playing.

The first player has to throw the stone in the first square. Than he jumps into the first square on one leg an picks up the stone. Still standing on one  leg the player has to jump into all drawn fields, turn at field  with number 9 and go back (again jumping on one leg). If he does this successfully – that means without stepping on the line of any field and still holding his stone in the hand, he can continue with throwing the stone on the field with number 2 and so on. If he throws the stone out of the field he would suppose to or if he jumps on the line, the next player starts the game. The player that firs finishes with throwing the stone on all the nine fields wins

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