The Difference Between Sepak Raga and Sepak Takraw.


SEPAK RAGA ( The ball is made from rotan )

This traditional game was played by  the younger back years ago. During those days it was played by 5 players in a circle. This players tried to stop the ball from falling
down. The more longer they could toss the ball from falling down or touched the ground , the more mark they would get. so, the team would win or considered as winner.

SEPAK TAKRAW ( The ball is made plastic or synthetic fiber)

It is now being updated. They have net to divide both players or team.There will be 3 players each group or team.The players will try to toss the opponents ball down. They will be referee to judge the game .


Ảnh của Nik Airah.
Ảnh của Nik Airah.

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