Bola Kaki Tiga

Hi, this traditional game known as “Bola Kaki Tiga”.the players are Zaitul, Fatin, Intan, Nur Awan, Sharmin, Aqil, Ayie and Faris from SMK Sultan Ismail, Malaysia

HOW TO PLAY ” Bola Kaki Tiga” or ” Three Legs”

1. The players are divided into 2 teams: the ‘guarding’ team and the 
‘pulling’ team.
2.. The game start by voting which team would be the guarding team and
the pulling team.
3. A long straight line is drawn as a mark for the pulling team to start.
4. In the middle of the game zone , place the ‘kaki tiga’ which is made
by putting 3 slippers and making it stand, so that the tips of the 3
slippers meet. The shape would be like a pyramid.
5. The pulling team would have to stand behind the line and the game
6. The guardian team will arrange their players to guard the places which
are thought important.
7 .The objective is to throw the ball at the ‘three legs’ so that its fall.
Each player have 3 attempt. When all the players in the pulling team
has took their turn and not succeeding in making the ‘three legs’ fall,
the pulling team will then take the role of the guarding team while the
opposing team would be the pulling team. The game then continues.
8. If the ball hits the ‘three legs’ and made it fall, the pulling team would
have to run while they are chased by the guarding team. Players of
the guarding team will try to catch the ball and throw it at the
direction of the players of the pulling team. if the ball hits any player
of the pulling team, the player is considered ‘ dead’ and he is out of
the game. If the ball hits all the players and all ‘dead’ , then switch
roles with the guarding team.
9. But, if during the time guarding team is chasing the pulling team, one
of the pulling player succeeds in making the ‘three legs’ stand again
without being hit by the slipper or ball , the pulling team then get 1
point. After that the game will continue again with the same rules.
Thank you. have fun.

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