Galasin , or gobak Sodor

Today I will explain further the traditional game that is Galasin , or gobak Sodor is a kind of game regions of Indonesia . This game is a group game that consists of two groups , in which each team consists of 3-5 people . The core game is facing an opponent that can not pass through the line to the last line back and forth , and to win all members of the group must complete the process back and forth in a predetermined area of the field .

The game is usually played on the badminton court with reference lines that exist or can be by using a rectangular field with a size of 9 x 4 m, divided into 6 sections . The boundary line of each part is usually marked with chalk . Group member gets a turn to keep this field is divided into two , namely the members of the group who keep the line horizontal and vertical lines . For group members who have a duty to maintain the horizontal boundary lines , then they will try to block their opponents are also trying to pass a specified boundary as a free boundary . For group members who have a duty to keep the vertical lines ( usually only one person ) , then this person has access to the entire vertical lines are located in the middle of the field . This game is very exciting and very difficult because everyone should always be on guard and running as soon as possible if necessary to achieve victory

Ảnh của Ayu Anggraini Putri.
Ảnh của Ayu Anggraini Putri.
  • Masinah Sahid We call it as galah panjang in Malaysia … my students have just finished taken a video on this game… we ‘ll share it soon 
  • Ayu Anggraini Putri -> Masinah Sahid in indonesia this game is  called galasin or gobak sodor

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