How to play CONGKAK in Malaysia?

CONGKAK a traditional game played by Raja Nurfatihah and Nur Athirah from SMK Sultan Ismail from Malaysia. They are from PTL group .On behalf of my students, I like to share with you their video playing congkak.   The congkak board has fourteen holes in two set of seven or ten holes in two sets of five. Each player control seven or five holes on their side of the board, and their score is the number of marbles in their left-hand store. How To Play

1. Seven marbles are placed in each hole except for the players store. The objective of the game is to capture more marbles than one’s opponent. 2. Players take turns moving the marbles except in the first move which is performed simultaneously, beginning with the hole closest to her own store. After this first movement, once the last marble falls into an empty hole, the players first turn is over 3. The opponent of the player who reached an empty hole first commences her turn after the other player has finished her opening move too.On a turn , a player chooses one of the seven holes under their control. 4. If a player is unable to fill a hole with seven marbles that holes is considered burnt.The round begins with the player with no burnt holes taking her turn sowing first. 5. If the last marble falls into an occupied hole, all the seed are removed from that hole.The process continues until the last marble falls into a player’s store, or an empty holes. 6. The game ends, when a player has no marbles in her holes at the start of her turn. The remaining marbles are awarded to her opponent. The objective of the game is to capture more marbles than one’s opponent. The video is in next post.
Ảnh của Nik Airah.Ảnh của Nik Airah.
Ảnh của Nik Airah.Ảnh của Nik Airah.
  • Alif Raihan Its like my post , but, its ok
  • Yuni Ifayati Wijdan Alif Raihan that’s what we also learn from this group. We sometimes have similarities, in this case, the game is the same. As what msChau Pham said that Vietnamese also has this traditional game. The similarities as well as the differences unite us, enrich our knowledge, and strengthen our friendship..
  • Ayu Anggraini Putri really awesome
  • Yuni Ifayati Wijdan Ayu Putri where is your post? Haryo Gml where is yours? 
  • Châu Hà Phạm Alif Raihan when we study our project day by day we can draw the conclusion : folk games contain universal elements, commonly used by the children around the world. Congratulations Alif Raihan, you are the first student in PTL who has discovered the worldwide important similarities .
    • Masinah Sahid Wow! It seems that congkak is played by ASEAN countries people. We call it as congkak rather than congklak in Indonesia. Our school always holds congkak game during our Teachers’ Day as shown in this picture … how about European countries such as Italy. Do they play this game?

      Ảnh của Masinah Sahid.
    • Châu Hà Phạm In Vietnam it’s called Ô ĂN QUAN.But we draw the board on the ground.
    • Yuni Ifayati Wijdan Yes, we are under one roof..

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