Jumping rope

Hello , PTL member this is my 3rd post . And it’s about jumping rope
Jumping Rope is a game most often used for exercise.

In Indonesian Traditional games, jumping rope use a rubber Rope so-called rubber jump. In this game, to form the braided rubber rope extends about 2 to 3 meters.

Players jump rope at least 3 people,and two people face each other to expand the rubber strap and one jumper.

Jump rope ever popular in the 70’s and 80’s. And this time the game is glimpsed again as there are elementary schools who assigning his / her students to make braided rubber bracelets to be used as a means of play and exercise

How to play :

-The game begins with hompipah and suit to determine a player’s turn,
-Players who get a jump turn must pass through the first stage, which skipping rope thigh. If the player then the player fails to touch the rope and turn replaced
-Players must be able to pass through several stages of high times like Waist, chest, ears, head, and the last inch of head arms outstretched above the head or some kids call it independence,
-The winner of the game is the player who can pass the highest stages of the rubber strap.

Benefits of Jump Rope Rubber

This game is very good for children’s development because it stimulates motor nerve children so that children grow nimble, agile and dynamic.

Children muscle can be solid and unbiased, strong and trained.

See you , and look my next mention

Ảnh của Alif Raihan.
Ảnh của Alif Raihan.
  • Yuni Ifayati Wijdan Good, Alif Raihan. How if you bring the rope to school, and ask PTL members to play it during break time? It will be so much fun!!
  • Châu Hà Phạm Oh, Alif Raihan.You makes us surprised at the marvelous information. Children around the world tend to find the common ways to relax and have fun. Let`s study how many countries in the world play jumping rope
  • Nik Airah Hi Alif Raihan, another similar traditional game , jump rope from Indonesia and Malaysia. You can see the video of jumping rope that I shared on 30th Jan. Really fun. Like congkak, is also similar and Zaitul Aisyaton from SMK Sultan Ismail had shared on Feb 7. For your information, the video was the second post played by the student. This is an indoor game for the students.

     PTL members are promoting one of traditional games, jumping rope, to the elementary students. They assist them to play it. Good job, guys!


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