Traditional games played in our schools

According to UNESCO calender, ‘Teachers’ Day’ is celebrated on October 5 but in Malaysia Teachers’ day or “Hari Guru” is celebrated on Mei 16 every year. This date was chosen because on the same day in 1956, the Federal Legislative Council of the Federation of Malaya endorsed the Razak Report, one of four reports of the Education Committee regarding education in Malaysia. One of the events is traditional games, played by the teachers. Among the games are Ting-Ting, Kunda Kundi, Galah Panjang and Congkak.

This game is called as Kunda Kundi ...This game is called as Ting Ting
The small stick will be lifted up by a stick and must be caught by the opponentẢnh của Masinah Sahid.
This game is called as congkak


Just want to share the activities during Teacher’s Day with PTL Group .now school holidays in Malaysia. but I still have to go to school for extra class. Students and teachers acting on stage.

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