Marbles or hitting the flies

Hi everyone my name is Andaž Kralj, 16, I’m from Slovenia a very small country on the crossroad of Alps, Dinaric Alps and the pannonian basin. As a kid I used to play outside on the street a lot, since I live outside the city and there were no cars. So I will talk about the games I played as a child:

One of them is is an imitation of dodge ball. We called it hitting the flies, it’s a game where you need at list 3 people, to many people makes it worse though, since it’s played on a reasonably narrow street. The rules are simple, 1 person stands in the middle, surrounded by other players, the players try hitting the “flies” in the middle by either kicking or throwing the ball.

The second most popular game was a game with marbles, you need 2 or more players to play it. You make a small hole in the ground and a circular line 2 meters or more away from it. You try to get all your marbles inside the hole, while also trying to bounce out your opponent’s marbles.

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