Tug of war

Tug of war is one of the famous folk game in Vietnam . Many people can join the game . Tug of war is a popular game for both children and adults because it doesn’t require particular skill or training . Tug of war is a special cultural heritage and a social game played across the country . it often appears in traditional  rituals and festival events .

– Tug of war has become a sport , but in many regions it still reflects traditional Vietnam beliefs . For example , tug of war for men is only held on the third day of the first lunar month after Tet . Organizers arrange the cord is an east-west direction evoking the trajectory of the sun . Older men stand to the east , younger men stand to the west . After three matches , the team that compels the other group to take three steps forward is the winner . According to traditional belief , if the eastern (older ) team wins , the villager will have bumper crops throughout the year .

Rule :

– Players divide into two team and stand face to face along a bamboo cord . A red piece of cloth marks the middle of the cord , which is above a line drawn with lime in the dirt . After a signal referee , players tug the cord as hard as possible to pull the red cloth towards their side . Eventually one team lose strength and let’s go off the cord ,the audience cheers the other team as winners .

The moment competition begins , the viewers acclaim inspires the participants increasing their zest to win . this game can improve health for everyone and bring laughter into the first days of spring .

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