International Games

Games of Marbles

 Traditionally, games of marbles have been played in countries all over the world. Marbles is one of the southeast traditional games which is very familiar among children and also adult. The  material needed is a set of marbles and it’s depend on the number of players. They have to drawn a circle on the ground and where each player put a few marbles in the circles. Each player have to shoot another player’s marbles to a point outside of the circle and the marble is belongs to someone who shoot the marble outside. The winner is chosen by the person who has the most marbles.


In Vietnam

Boys playing marbles, Palau Ai, The Bandas, Maluku, Indonesia (David Johnstone) Tags: people children indonesia islands southeastasia bandas maluku spiceislands davidjohnstone palauai

in Indonesia

Marbles is called as guli by Malaysian.




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