Semut, Orang, Gajah- a paper, scissors, stone game

Semut, Orang, Gajah

This game is popular throughout Asia, just as it is throughout the world in all its variations. I remember playing a paper, scissors, stone game of similar design. In Indonesia the game is also known as suwitan or pingsut and is played by young children to see who goes first in play, or just for fun to see who wins.

Hand signs:

semut – antLittle finger points towards partner Semut
orang – personPointer finger points towards partner Orang
gajah – elephantThumb points towards partner Gajah

How to Play:

Face your partner with your hand in front of you in a fist. Then, count to three together, open you hand and make one of the three hand signs. If both of you make the same sign, start again.

The Winner:

The semut wins over the gajah because the semut can crawl in the gajah’s ear and tickle him to drive him crazy.

The orang wins over the semut because the orang can stomp on the semut and squash it.

The gajah wins over the orang because the orang can get trampled by the gajah.

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