Thuc Nghiem Secondary school, Hanoi Vietnam


Experimental Public boarding Secondary School (Experimental secondary school) which consists of two levels: primary, secondary school , was founded in 1978, under the direction of the Vietnam National Institute of Education Sciences, which belongs to Ministry of Education and Training. It has total 45 classes for both primary and secondary levels with 2.200 students and over 100 well- qualified teachers in school year 2013-2014. The school is taught by modern methods, respecting creativity, autonomy of students.The teachers appreciate the direction to students, helping them learn knowledge in the most comfortable approaches.Teachers do not ask students to do too many exercises at home.The school does not organize tutoring, extra classes.In the teaching process, teachers teach students life skills.In addition, students organized the school’s extra-curricular activities, which are thought to help them comfortably, reducing pressure in the study. The school keeps looking for positive innovative teaching methods and training consistent with models of high quality training and information technology in every grade. Slogan- “EVERY DAY AT SCHOOL IS A HAPPY DAY” – the aim of Experimental secondary school

Thuc Nghiem , Experimental secondary School , Ha Noi, Viet Nam
Hi guys!
We are the students of the 8-th grade and we want to introduce ourselves and share the information of our school to each other.

Our school contains of two buildings and they are counted for about 2000 students. Boys and girls study together. There are 40-45 students in one class but in some special lessons we are divided into smaller groups of 20-22 students only.

The popularity of our school is caused by its friendly environment . Here we do not have any pressure on study. Our shool slogan EVERY DAY AT SCHOOL IS A HAPPY DAY. We learn from our practical lessons, from games too.

we study 12 main and some additional subjects, which help us to achieve our success.

Every Monday we hoist our national flag and sing national hymn. We wear school uniform the whole weekday except Wednesday.

We hope you will be interested in description of our school and have a great wish to share your own ideas to us.

Hi everyone !

Experimental school-the second house in my life. I can share what I feel about my teachers,They always listen and make me happy. My form teacher is actually our “old friend”. She’s very emotional. My school makes me more confident,outgoing,..etc, I think it’s very important to become a better person. In my heart,we are one family. One for all,all for one. I always want to say “Thank you” to my school. As long as we are here,we will try to make our school be better. 

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