Teacher coordinator :

Mr. Dagmar Logar

Students’ name                 E-mail


Andraž       Kralj                []


Mihael        Kodrič             []


Uroš           Lobenwein       []


Tilen           Kamenski        []



About Us

Prva gimnazija Maribor is one of the oldest grammar schools in Slovenia and therefore has a long and rich tradition going back to the year 1850. Many well-known artists, scientists and other important Slovenes have been students at Prva, as it is popularly called. It is located in the centre of Maribor, the second biggest Slovene town, in a beautiful monumental classicistic building, built in 1873. Our motto is: Per aspera ad astra.
It is a state secondary school which attracts the best students for several reasons. We offer two programmes: the so-called general and classical ‘gimnazija’ (with obligatory Latin and optional Old Greek), which both enable our students to prepare for matura exams at the end of their secondary education. According to matura results, our school ranks among the best in the country.
All students learn at least two foreign languages: English or German are obligatory first foreign languages, whereas French, Italian, Spanish, German or English are to be chosen as the second foreign language. Students practise their language skills with the help of native speakers of English, German, French and Spanish and ICT . There is a wide choice of extra-curricular activities, in which students can develop their skills and talents.

We are involved in a number of projects for students and teachers, such as Eco- school, E-school, etc. We have always been interested in cooperating with similar schools. We are active participants at the Internationales Alpen-Adria College (IAAC) each year, we have electronic contacts with schools abroad, and cooperate with European House. A new Comenius project with schools from Germany, Poland, Ireland and the Czech Republic began in 2010. We have student exchange programmes with grammar schools in Češke Budejovice and Bochum. Such activities enable our students and teachers to gain intercultural experiences and improve their knowledge of foreign languages.

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